The Grange School Playfame - Timber post frame with yellow climbing ladders, red and blue netting and blue climb walls on black rubber grass mat safer surfacing with trees and hedges in the background

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Twice the Fun at the Grange Primary School

Grange Primary School wanted to develop two areas at their school. The existing low level had to be replaced and another area that had nothing.

The school contacted Ray Parry Playgrounds to see what their options were. We designed an adventure trail to replace what they had previously. A playframe which was ideal for their second area.

We installed a timber low level linked adventure trail and large timber playframe. We installed both with steel ground fixings and the playfrme with grassmat safer surfacing.

The School is very pleased with their two new play areas and we completed in time for the new school year, with children keen to give the new play areas a thorough testing.

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