Severndale Specialist Academy. Playground with multicoloured steel play equipment on a red wetpour safer surface. Trees and school buildings in the background.

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Its all about Play at Severndale Specialist Academy

Severndale Specialist Academy in Shrewsbury contacted Ray Parry Playgrounds and asked us to look at their five playgrounds.

Their request was to bring colour and life to their playgrounds. They felt that the playgrounds looks too much like a concrete jungle and their children deserved to have a fun and inviting place to play.

We designed each play area to suit their wants and the desires. The school are delighted with our designs, We had listened to them, and provided more than they had imagined.

Some of the playgrounds had some equipment already, but the school felt that they were all lacking in colour and fun.

We started in lower playground with a Kaleidoscope fence, basket swing, play train, play panels, skylight play tunnels, ground marked road way, wet pour safer surfacing and artificial grass.

The courtyard playground we bought to life with some wall mounted play panels and ground marked games.

The middle playground we installed a multicoloured steel adventure trail, wetpour safer surfacing, musical instruments, a square shelter and Artificial grass.

The sixth form play area we installed a flat & basket sweat swing, Musical instruments, accessible outdoor gym equipment, ground marked games and wetpour safer surfacing.

The upper playgrounds, already had some gym equipment and a wheelchair swing. These were being underused and the area was not inviting to play. We installed a flat & basket sweat swing, ground marked road way, a large timber hexagonal shelter, artificial grass and wetpour safer surfacing.

The project was a huge success. The school pupils and staff are extremely pleased with our creation. They now have warm, fun and inviting playgrounds with lots of colour.

Looking To Develop Your Play Area?

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