Market Drayton Junior School - Children’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment, seven items of green and grey equipment sit on the grass filed with trees and houses in the background.

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Fitness and Fun at Market Drayton Juniors

Market Drayton Junior School wanted to add some fitness and fun to their playing field. The came to Ray Parry Playgrounds as they knew they were the company to complete what they wanted.

The playing filed at Market Drayton Juniors is a large open space with lots of areas to play and exercise. The School wanted one area of Children’s Outdoor Fitness Equipment and in another area a Low Level Adventure Trail.

We designed a linked adventure trail which fitted the area perfectly. We also designed a complete Outdoor Fitness area where 14 children can exercise together.

The School are very happy with the new installation. The outdoor fitness has been combined with part of lesson and the Adventure Trail is a great place to let off out steam at break times.

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