two ladies ride the button seats hanging from the above cable of the double aerial runway, one lady has swung into the air

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Double the fun for Sandon Primary Academy

Sandon Primary Academy - Stoke on Trent

Ray Parry Playgrounds installed a double aerial runway for Sandon Primary Academy

Sandon Primary Academy in Stoke on Trent contact us to provide them with a fun and exhilarating piece of play equipment. A piece of equipment designed to engage the children with some healthy competition. They had the perfect location with a natural slope ideal for a double timber arial runway.

We installed the double aerial runway with a natural mound start platform and grass mat safer surfacing. The natural mound platform is the perfect location to set off and gain some speed.

The timber double aerial runway has been a real hit with all the children. It has helped bring some sense of speed to play time. The children embrace the opportunity to race each other and find out who can be the quickest.

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