The Vortex consisting of a rubber disc suspended between two decks using steel core ropes and tensioners. With a Bow ladder suspended between two curved frames as a quick entry to the 1.4m high decks, a higher level of balance and coordination is needed to negotiate this moving disc in order to get from deck to deck. Activities include the Bow climber, with a single rope featuring climbing nodules for a challenging vertical ascent. Slide bars in stainless and powder coated steel give an alternative to a traditional slide, they require a higher level of balance to use them. A Camo climber takes the essence of a climbing wall with a bow shape which extends from one post at 45 degrees.

Additional information

Age Range

8+ Years


  • Minimum Area Required: 7.4m x 7.0m
  • Safer Surfacing: 38m²
  • CFH: 1.6m
  • Age Suitability: 8+ Years