Climber For All


There are six different ways to climb onto this Multiplay Climber, with higher agility accesses for the able bodied, a 2.4m high vertical net, a climbing wall and a rope climb. Equally challenging to less agile children are the large inclined inclusive net, a drag ramp and high visibility, extra wide steps. In effect two units in one, with fairly difficult step-ups and a hoop bridge between the two areas so children do not stray into an area too challenging for them. Transfer decks and side entry/exit slides mean good access for children with mobility problems.

Additional information

Age Range

3-10 Years



  • Minimum Area Required: 13.7m x 9.5m
  • Safer Surfacing: 88m²
  • CFH: 2.4m
  • Age Suitability: 3-10 Years