Children’s Energise Multi-Gym


If you’re looking to save on space and budget, then the Energise Multi-Gym is a great choice.
As a self-contained unit with a single safety zone, the Energise gives teachers and supervisors much greater control during PE lessons and break times. Furthermore, this small multi-gym still provides space for up to four children to exercise and play at any one time.
Ideal for a cardio workout that emulates power walking and slalom skiing. The Energise features a Single Slalom Skier at each end, flanking a Double Health Walker.
Within this small multi-gym, the Slalom Skier lets children flex their imaginative, as well as exercise skills. While the Health Walker ensures that no child is left behind and children move at their own pace. Suitable for simultaneous use by up to four users below 140cm / 4′7″ in height.

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