Tom Parry & Doreen Parry of Ray Parry Playgrounds donating to Karen Williams project lead at Shrewsbury Foodbank Plus surrounded by colourful outdoor toys

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Helping to give local families a playtime boost

As an independent Shrewsbury based family business we gave considerable thought as to who we could help during these Covid hit trying times.

We spoke to Karen Williams from Shrewsbury Foodbank Plus to see how we could help out. Rather than giving them a cheque or food they asked if we would like to donate outdoor games for less fortunate children in the town and encourage them to spend more time outdoors during the school summer holidays.

We have donated a wide array of outdoor equipment including badminton set, ball games, frisbees, hula hoops and much more. All of which we hope the local children will enjoy using throughout the summer.

Preparations are underway at the project based at the town’s Barnabas Church Centre, in Longden Coleham, to deliver the items to parents, grandparents and carers looking after children.

Shrewsbury Foodbank Plus project lead Karen Williams said:

“Doreen contacted us to find out what they could do yo help as a local business and it seemed to be the perfect fit as we were about to launch our summer holiday packs. They have given us outdoor items which we will put in the packs which will go out in the first week of the school holidays. They have given us a great amount of stock which will be given to every family with children who needs help”.

Food Bank PLUS is the umbrella for the delivery of a range of individual initiatives; Shrewsbury Food Bank, Barnabas Money Advice and 360 Platform for Life, which incorporates a range of services supporting clients on the journey back to work and health. Historically food banks have been seen as a short term fix, but with these initiatives working together it means we can help people to become more resilient for the longer term. We aim to help people out of crisis and poverty whether that’s resources, relational or identity and empower clients to enable them to make confident decisions and responses to future challenges they may face.

As a Shrewsbury company Ray Parry Playgrounds strongly believe in supporting local.

We hope many more businesses take the opportunity to help out others in need.

Tom Parry & Doreen Parry donating to Karen Williams project lead at Shrewsbury Foodbank Plus surrounded by brightly coloured garden toys